Pocket Universe Music Recording Studio



Pocket Universe is a small Pro Tools-equipped recording studio in Bayswater, West Australia providing quality recording in a friendly environment at an affordable price. We specialise in acoustic music and audio with MIDI.


We have full MIDI facilities including a selection of quality instrument samples.


Have you written a song but don't know how to make it sound complete? If required, we are happy to offer assistance in music arrangement and production. We can arrange your song to suit your style and your budget.

Corporate/Custom projects

        Music Composition/Arranging

          We compose music for film, video, A/V presentations and other special requirements.

        Multi Media

          We can supply all the audio and MIDI files you need for multi media presentations, games and other software

          design, soundscapes, etc. Our creative team can produce sound effects and ambiences as well as music.

In-House projects

Pocket Universe has a number of in-house music projects, some of which are released on CD, either within Australia or internationally. 


What Is Pocket Universe?