Pocket Universe Music Recording Studio


Our philosophy is simple.

First provide a relaxed, comfortable recording environment so the artist is free to render their best performance.  Add direct, face to face interaction with the sound engineer and producer, then capture the natural qualities of the performance and the instrument(s).

We specialise in quality recordings of acoustic music and are pleased to offer a producer/ engineer with an acute ear and a deep understanding of many acoustic music styles and instrumentation, Erik Kowarski.

Due to our modest size, our studio is best suited to solo artists and small ensembles - though if you have a larger group, talk to us about other options including the use of a larger venue for recording. 

Most of our artists are singer-songwriters (in various genres), folk musicians (both contemporary and various traditional styles) and classical musicians, but we have also worked extensively with spoken word (artistic and voice-overs), MIDI- based arrangements and corporate projects such as media presentations, websites and commercials.

Professional artists can be assured that we use carefully selected high-quality equipment to capture every detail of a quality instrument or voice but we also recognize, and do our best to capture, the musicality of a performance.

If you are not a professional musician, fear not!  You will find us helpful and affirming.  We are here to help you deliver the best performance you can.  Our lounge room environment and unobtrusive recording techniques make recording a breeze!  With Erik’s affable, easygoing nature combined with a background in both teaching and performing music, we are sure your recording experience will be an enjoyable and satisfying one.


After an initial free consult in which we discuss budget, expectations/ deadlines and strategy (such as whether to use a click track or guide), the project is planned out and any structural changes are made to the material.  Instrumental arrangements and use of external session players/ singers are planned.  If required, we can arrange the songs for you.  We also have a pool of session players in various genres who we can contact on your behalf.


The next step is to record a guide (if required)- this often helps to verify the structure and aids in playing the final take.  There are two methods of recording- simultaneous vocal and instrument(s) (i.e. “live”) or track-by-track, such as a soloist with backing.  The first method is a more instinctive way to perform for many soloists, as they can naturally co-ordinate voice and instrument.  The second method, however, gives far greater control for editing and mixing, and is recommended for anyone with little-to-moderate performance experience.  Mistakes can often be seamlessly repaired in post-production, taking the pressure off the performance.  Choosing the method is part of the initial consult.  Finally comes any other instruments, backing vocals and sound effects.

Session Work:

As part of the package, clients can enjoy the skills of one of Australia’s top improvising violin/ fiddle players (all styles) as well as rhythm guitar and bass (and occasional backing vocals) if required at no extra cost to clients, the only charge being for studio time.

Post Production:

Much can be done in today’s studios to enhance and improve the recording after the fact.  However, it’s not the technology available, but how it’s used, that delivers a convincing, natural-sounding performance.  This requires a variety of skills - a strong sense of musicality, an understanding of the musical genre and style and some understanding of the instrument being played (or sung), as well as technical expertise with editing tools.

This is an area in which Erik excels.  His rich musical background and depth of experience working with artists of all skill levels from hobbyist to professional put him amongst the top of his field in WA.


Part of post-production, this is where we balance the sound of each element within the song and add “sweetening” such as EQ, compression and an appropriate reverb.  This is handled with delicacy and discretion, under the adage that “less is more”.


We master in-house.  All the songs are compared for level, tone and presence and adjustments are made within the original song recordings themselves, ensuring a high quality master.  You then receive a Production Master CD, from which copies can be made.




Example Sound Bytes