Pocket Universe Music Recording Studio


Most big-budget projects have a producer as well as a sound engineer.  For commercial work this is almost essential, as the producer’s job includes an understanding of the market as well as the genre and the songs themselves, so that the songs can be presented in their most market-effective light.

In smaller markets, some seasoned performers will choose to produce or at least co-produce their own projects because they have been in the industry long enough to be able to combine market-oriented production values with artistic integrity.  Even then, a producer is helpful in monitoring the quality and musicality of the performances as they are recorded (as opposed to the technical recording quality, which is the domain of the sound engineer).

For more modest budgets and less experienced artists, Pocket Universe offers production in-house by combining the roles of engineer and producer.  This includes instrumental or vocal arranging as required.  Pocket Universe charges arranging time at the standard hourly studio rate.