Ochre is the mergeing of Australian cultures, combining didgeridoo and sticks with guitar, violin and other instruments to create soundscapes inspired by the Australian bush.  The music is easy to listen to, with clear melodies and a variety of textures.

The perfect gift for overseas, Mood Didge Music is also ideally suited for relaxation and meditation.

Mood Didge Music by Ochre

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Landscapes by Ochre

This latest recording from Ochre features over an hour of empowering yet relaxing instrumental music by James T Webb, didgeridoo & tribal calls, and Erik Kowarski, violin and guitar.  The new CD reflects Ochre’s live sound, based on layered loops of guitar and/or violin combined with truly improvised didgeridoo and violin melodies.

These tone poems are inspired by Western Australian landscapes.

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Ochre started life as a CD project, Mood Didge Music, the main goal of which was to combine traditional Aboriginal music with Western instruments to expose the didgeridoo to a wider audience.  It soon became apparent there was much more to it than that: a sharing of backgrounds and artistic experience to create something new and refreshing- a music that both relaxes and empowers, that can’t help but draw in the listener.  From the recording came the opportunity to perform at the Kings Park Wildflower Show, and this led to more performances.  The new CD, Landscapes, reflects the evolving live sound of Ochre. 

Please enjoy the following excerpts:

The Sound of Ochre

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3 full-length songs!