Pocket Universe Music Recording Studio


For those not familiar with MIDI, it is a way of controlling synthesised and sampled sounds using pre-programmed melodies and rhythms.  One advantage is that performances are easy to edit, as we’re editing the “keystrokes”, not the sounds themselves.  It also provides low budget access to a wide range of instrument sounds for arranging your songs.

Singer-songwriters who have already created arrangements of their material within MIDI are well catered for at Pocket Universe.  We can import MIDI tracks and record audio to them, synchronise MIDI tracks to existing audio (see sound bytes below), edit MIDI performance parameters such as pitch, timing and velocity, and record the audio output of your MIDI devices.  We can use your modules for unique sounds or replace sounds with high quality samples from our library.

Often some of the MIDI tracks are guides emulating natural instruments.  The quality and realism of the end product is greatly enhanced by replacing at least the most prominent of these parts with the real instruments they emulate.  We are happy to assist with this process, including printing score parts from MIDI performances.

Other MIDI tracks may have an appropriate type of sound, but many keyboards and sound modules use poor emulation in their sound banks.  Even sampling keyboards often only sample part of the note to conserve memory.  At Pocket Universe we have a library of high quality instrument samples including drums and percussion, piano, vintage keyboards and a range of orchestral and ethnic instruments which can be triggered by your MIDI file.

Our sound recordist, Erik Kowarski has worked with MIDI on many projects and he offers his expertise in editing performance data to help improve realism.



Example Sound Bytes