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At Pocket Universe we have a selection of in-house projects for which CD’s are for sale direct from us.  To order, simply use our email order form and we will post to anywhere in Australia and to many overseas locations.

In-House Projects

Mood Didge Music by Ochre

Ochre is the mergeing of Australian cultures, combining didgeridoo and sticks with guitar, violin and other instruments to create soundscapes inspired by the Australian Bush.  The music is easy to listen to, with clear melodies and a variety of textures.

The perfect gift for overseas, Mood Didge Music is also ideally suited for relaxation and meditation.

More on OchreOchre.html
other projects by James T Webbhttp://www.internetexpress.net.au/~jamestwadumbah
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No Other Land On Earth by the Pioneers

The Pioneers are Dave Rivett on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Liz Rivett on vocals and guitar and Erik Kowarski on violin.  Their style is Aussie folk but with a country twist; the songs are pure Australiana, from traditional to contemporary, including some of Dave’s originals.  Liz’s beautiful flowing vocals are complemented by dynamic improvisation between guitar and fiddle, making this a refreshing and enjoyable CD.

visit the Pioneers web sitehttp://davidrivettmusic.com/pioneersbushband.html
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Of Men, Mines and Marsupials by the Beat-About-the-Bush band

This larger-than-life bush band has put together a selection of Aussie songs, from traditional classics like Along the Road to Gundagai and Botany Bay to contemporary classics like Slim Dusty’s Duncan and some new songs in the classic bush band style.  There’s foot-tapping rhythms, humour- even a Skippy story by Roger Montgomery- and that big Aussie bush band sound, complete with lagerphone!

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JB O’Reilly and the Fenian Escape from Fremantle Gaol by Brendan Woods

Go on a journey with Brendan Woods, Sean Roche and a host of Perth’s finest Celtic musicians, back to 1876, where 6 Fenian prisoners escaped from Fremantle Gaol on a whale boat and eventually made their way to America and freedom.  One of WA’s most captivating tales of early settlement, the Catalpa escape has been put to song and music to bring this story to life.

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visit Brendan Woods’ web sitehttp://www.catalpaproductions.com.au

Wadumbah - Australian Aboriginal Dance

At last, a quality audio recording that brings the excitement and mystery of Australian aboriginal dancing to your home!  Experience the thrill of tribal dancing with didgeridoo, sticks, boomerangs, tribal calls and the rhythm of the dancers’ steps surrounded by the natural ambience of the Australian bush.  Each dance is preceded by a spoken introduction explaining the dance’s meaning.

visit Wadumbah’s web sitehttp://www.internetexpress.net.au/~jamestwadumbah
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Landscapes by Ochre

This latest recording from Ochre features over an hour of empowering yet relaxing instrumental music by James T Webb, didgeridoo & tribal calls, and Erik Kowarski, violin and guitar.  The new CD reflects Ochre’s live sound, based on layered loops of guitar and/or violin combined with truly improvised didgeridoo and violin melodies.

These tone poems are inspired by Western Australian landscapes.

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