Pocket Universe Music Recording Studio


Music Composition/Arranging

Erik Kowarski is an experienced composer and arranger, having written choral, string and brass arrangements for various projects from Ted Egan’s The Anzacs to Irish ballads. 

Erik also composes music for advertisements, media presentations, documentaries, meditation/ ambient music and more.  The style is not restricted to folk, or even acoustic music.  Examples below illustrate a range of compositions from folk to drum & bass, techno to world music, a solo instrument or a full band.

Multi Media

We can embed audio into QuickTime movies and synchronise sound effects to audio or to QuickTime.

We also compose music for specific requirements.

Voice Overs

Our sound engineer is an experienced proof reader and voice over producer, having recorded voice overs for commercials, media presentations and education lectures as well as poetry and recitation.

At Pocket Universe we can also mix voice over with backing music and sound effects for a complete audio production solution.

NOTE:  Corporate rates apply.


Corporate/Custom projects


Play Contemporary Examples
Acoustic Examples